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  • 4 Guaranteed Games
  • Amazing fields
  • Fun filled opening party
  • Tasty concessions
  • Fun & Social Volunteers, Umpires & Administrators
  • Great weather

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THANK YOU to everyone that came to this years 31st Annual Autumn Classic!

We hope that everyone had as much as here in beautiful San Diego as we had hosting you.

Below is a list of all of our winners.  Congrats to everyone for giving it your all and battling through the tough competition this year.

B Division 
1st Place: LA Redline
2nd Place:  PS Rounders 2.0
3rd Place: SD Spikes 

C Division 
1st Place: LA Cozy Boys
2nd Place:  SD Sol
3rd Place: PS Greyhounds 

D Division 
1st Place: SAC Glitters
2nd Place:  SD Hitmen
3rd Place: LB Queen Mary's

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